Milestone Team Training

This small group training program at Milestone Lifestyle Fitness combines the energy of a group fitness class with the personal attention and coaching of a personal trainer. Our three different training programs make it so that any member can join – no matter their fitness level or interest.

Experience small group training like never before! Milestone Team Training forms a small group (4-12 people) that work together in a six week season. Inspiring music powers every workout and classes are led by a certified personal trainer. Each workout is designed to target specific areas while focusing on form and safety.

Teams work as a unit to help each other reach their own personal milestones. Our MTT programs include:


  • Get toned with heart-pumping, whole-body movements and moderate resistance.

MTT Booty & Core 

  • Build, tone, shape, and condition your booty & core with exercises specifically designed to target these areas.


  • Don't let the word "run" scare you, this program will be Team focused & progressivefor all running & walking levels.


  • Women on Weights is a program designed exclusively for the ladies. Wow will be focusing on full body, weighted exercises that focus on toning and shaping the feminine frame.

MTT Learn to Lift

  • Learn to Lift is just what the names says. This is a program designed to train beginners on proper lifting form and technique, however, Learn to Lift isn't only for beginners, experienced lifters can reep the benefits of coming back to the basics, as well as, work on improving and bulding on their PR's (personal records).

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