Personal Training | Tyler, TX

Associates, Nursing


Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Specialty certifications in Fitness Nutrition and Body Building


Fitness Nutrition

Body Building

Get to know me:

I am a wife and a mother, and I have been an RN since 2010. I have always been pretty active, but when I became pregnant with my daughter, Hazel Quinn, back in late 2015, I became very sedentary. I originally decided to become a personal trainer in order to help myself lose weight after having my daughter. I had gained 90 lbs with her, and I felt lazy and unmotivated. When I saw my health taking a negative turn, I got up off the couch and started working out again. I knew I needed to be healthy for my family. In order to achieve my big goals and change my body composition for the better, I decided to educate myself as much as possible. I became so passionate about it, I decided to get certified as a personal trainer and use my gift to help others achieve their goals, just as I did. My passion is lifting weights and empowering others to be strong and healthy!

Contact me:

(903) 603-5443

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