Running the Race of Life - TOGETHER!

By Dean McDaniel
Wednesday, August 29, 2018

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Sometimes in life, I can get overwhelmed with work, kids, responsibilities, and the fast pace of the rat race. This can affect my personal fitness, and just my goals for a healthy lifestyle in general. Can anybody else relate with me? Milestone Lifestyle Fitness has been a place of great encouragement to me, as I have become re-energized to inspire others to run this race called life - TOGETHER! Milestone Team Training: Run, has become an inspirational place for 5 athletes in its first season. Check out some of our early success stories - in only our first 3 weeks of training together:

  • 29 year old male (former Cross Country/Track runner) has recommitted to running after 10 YEARS of inactivity!
  • 27 year old female (asthmatic) enjoying the health benefits of consistent aerobic training!
  • 26 year old female (intermediate runner) has dropped her Personal Best 5K time from 46 minutes to under 40 minutes, in only 3 weeks of training!
  • 55 year old male (novice runner) completed his first 40 minute continuous run of his life!
  • 29 year old male (beginner runner) has NEVER RUN in his life, and has already completed a 40 minute continuous run!

Are you looking for a fitness home? Milestone Lifestyle Fitness is the place for you!!! Would you love to train with a group of regular people, just like you? Life can beat us all down, and it is easy for any of us to get into a fitness rut. Here at Milestone, we are Running the Race of Life - TOGETHER! Come join us on this AMAZING journey to a healthier YOU!

Dean McDaniel

I am 40 years old, a follower of Jesus, happily married to Jennifer with 3 amazing kids (Isaiah -7, Blakely - 6, and Owen - 1). I have been involved with the fitness industry for 20 years, with a passion for running. I am proud to be Personal Trainer at the best health club in East Texas!
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