Milestone Lifestyle Fitness is a full-service health and fitness center that provides an extensive line of equipment and a variety of fitness programs while retaining the welcoming feel of a neighborhood club. It's a place for people of all walks of life who want to pursue health and well-being on their own terms, at their own pace.

We are committed to providing our members with the tools they need for a personalized, effective, and enjoyable exercise program. We are not a big franchise, and we are not a dirty old gym; we're a family-owned business with a passionate team that is community focused and committed to service. We offer a professional experience without an intimidating and impersonal environment.

We are proud to serve the Tyler, Texas community by improving the health and fitness of its citizens, one person at a time. Contact or visit us today to explore our facility, try one of our classes, and connect with other members like you.

Our Philosophy

The Milestone Lifestyle Fitness brand welcomes any and all who wish to be part of a true full-service health club. We're more than just another fitness center – we're a community of people who are moving through life and its challenges together. We think fitness should be fun!

Many health clubs around the country like to give off the image of the hardcore bodybuilder as their core clientele. They sell unrealistic goals and rarely take an interest in the person beneath the muscle.

At Milestone Lifestyle Fitness, we want everyone who joins our facility to feel comfortable and welcome. We want the average guy or gal who never considered joining a health club to feel as at home with us as the seasoned triathlete on the machine next to them. We focus on supporting our members to get and stay healthy by providing them with a fitness environment they'll love – a place that's open, flexible, and fun.

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